RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Dozens gathered at Bicentennial Plaza in Raleigh Monday evening and refused to be silent.

“They’ve created a problem that doesn’t exist for political gain,” Joshua Jacoby with El Pueblo, Inc. said.

Equality NC held the “We Won’t Be Silent” Rally to continue to speak out against House Bill 755, the bill also known as the parents’ bill of rights.

“Unless, and until decision makers take into account the realities of how families live today, their policies will fail to hit the mark,” parent and teacher Lisa Mead said, during the rally.

Earlier this month, the state senate passed the bill. 

It would block schools from including LGBTQ issues in the curriculum for kindergarten through 3rd grade. Critics have compared it to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

However, the John Locke Foundation, a conservative-based foundation, said the comparisons are not fair.

“The Locke Foundation did propose a parents’ bill of rights. It is not quite this legislation,” Mitch Kokai with the foundation said. “But that said, people who are complaining about this bill, most of them I suspect have not read the legislation.”

He said the focus should be on the bill guaranteeing that parents can access textbooks and other educational materials.  

The bill also states that schools must inform them about health care services given to children and if they change what pronouns they use.

“I think the people who actually look at the legislation, read through it, almost everyone who gives the bill a fair reading is going to come away with it saying this is something that makes sense,” Kokai said.

Activists continue to maintain it is harmful legislation. 

Some suggested that the resources and attention be dedicated elsewhere.

“Why don’t they spend more time actually working to get our teachers more pay. To give them money for resources?” Christine Kelly, who is in opposition, asked.

Right now, HB 755 sits in the house.