RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Big changes are coming to parking tickets in the area surrounding Glenwood South. Starting next month, citations will increase from $30 to $200.

Friday night brought the typical busy crowds to the area, with many visiting the bars and restaurants along Glenwood Avenue, many unaware of the changes coming July 1st.

With the influx of people also comes some challenges in finding parking.

“It’s really difficult,” said Jake Hourani.

As spots and lots fill up, some people park farther away in residential areas and walk to their destinations. But some in these neighborhoods have had enough.

“If we leave on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night and try to come back and park in front of our house, we have a problem,” Michael Lindsay, President of the Forest Park Neighborhood Association told CBS 17 on Tuesday.

The city is now taking action to address the issue. On Monday, the City Council voted to implement stricter penalties for parking violations around Glenwood South.

These include parking in no parking zones, along crosswalks and in residential permitted areas. It comes as the city says there were nearly 5,000 tickets given out in the area over the course of a 10-month period.

“If we didn’t know about it, then I probably would’ve gotten one myself, because I’ve gotten a $30 parking ticket before, and I’d be really unhappy if I got the $200 parking ticket,” Hourani said.

Hourani frequently visited the area when he was in college, and says some students look for free places to park.

“A lot of the people are younger, we don’t wanna pay for parking. I imagine they’re going to get a lot of people on the $200 tickets,” Hourani said.

With it being the first Friday night since these changes were voted on, CBS 17 wanted to hear from local businesses who may be impacted, however, they declined to go on-camera.