MORRISVILLE, N.C. — Some people flying into Raleigh-Durham International Airport overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning had to wait more than one hour before getting off their plane, and the airport said in most cases, staffing issues were to blame.

After reaching out to several airlines, United Airways did get back to CBS 17, but didn’t have staffing numbers for RDU. Instead, the airline said the nationwide spike in omicron cases had a direct impact on flight crews.

Ingrid Wedman flew in from Daytona Beach, Florida, and said she didn’t have any problems, but feared the staffing shortage could slow things down nationwide for others.

“I was very worried about it but I kept coming,” Wedman said. “I was very worried about the COVID problem, too.”

Additionally, Jeremy Lebovitch came in from New York today and didn’t hear about the delays until he was told about them. Lebovitch said he didn’t run into any issues on his flight.

“We taxied for about two or three minutes then we landed. They let us get off the plane and here I am,” Lebovitch said.

Delta Airlines also had a 30-minute delay overnight, but a company spokesperson said it was because it was waiting on members of the North Carolina State basketball team.

American Airlines said its delay was due to a mechanical issue with a plane parked at a gate.