CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – More money in pockets for Wake County school district employees is what the district’s board of education will discuss at its next meeting.

The Wake County school board is considering a $3,750 bonus for employees, which is up from the $1,200 bonus approved last week.

Wake NCAE President Kristin Beller said the proposal is a start, but that more needs to be done. Beller sent a list of demands to the school board Thursday. Among them were $2,000 bonuses, $17 per hour for all noncertified staff, and more pay for picking up more duties among some other demands.

“What they really need are permanent raises. Our time and labor has been exploited a bit because folks know that we care a lot about students. To be honest, in a moment when we have so many vacancies in all these roles, this is the time to really show public school staff that their time and labor is appreciated, honored, respected, and valued,” said Kristin Beller, Wake NCAE President.

The district’s latest proposal comes following hundreds of district bus drivers calling out sick to protest pay and conditions. Melanie Harris was one of the participants. She has been a Wake County bus driver for 10 years. Harris said she’s optimistic the district will approve some of these demands.

“The pay doesn’t match the work. Until they pay us what we’re worth and pay us for the work that we’re doing, we’re going to continue to lose good people. Pay us for what we’re doing. Pay us for the job that we’re doing because we deserve it and it’s time for a change,” said bus driver Melanie Harris.

The Wake County school board may vote on their latest bonus proposal at their meeting on Dec. 7.