RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A cookie store in Raleigh was damaged and forced to close Tuesday morning after a pickup truck hit it.

But that is just a crumb of this story.

After the Raleigh Fire Department shut down Crumbl Cookies, on Sherman Oak Place, for the day because of unsafe conditions, the store didn’t let the cookies end up in the trash.

Instead, the store, which is located near Wegmans in Raleigh, gave the baked goods to Raleigh fire crews rather than let them go to waste.

In turn, firefighters took those cookies to the Emergency Communications Center as “a gesture of thanks and appreciation for those who worked during the tragic mass shooting event in our community on Oct. 13,” the City of Raleigh tweeted.

Several windows of the store were smashed after a pickup truck crashed through the Crumbl store. Tuesday afternoon, the store was boarded up and closed.