RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s been a point of conversation all weekend for some Raleigh residents about engines being down at two fire stations in the city. City leaders are getting involved to address the issue at hand and to help calm any panic.

This response comes after a post from Raleigh Fire Fighters Association—pushing out this statement on Facebook.

The statement insinuates that city leaders are responsible for the lack of firefighters.

Fire Chief Herbert Griffin commented on the issue.

“This is not uncommon in the American Fire Service, out of service units. This is something we deal with everyday because there is mandatory training and mandatory physicals that have to be done everyday,” Griffin told CBS17.

Chief Griffin said it is his responsibility to lead the organization and make sure they serve the community and that’s what he describes.

“That’s inaccuracy,” Griffin said in response to the post. “On Saturday we roughly responded to 150 plus calls and only two structure fires. When things to this magnitude happen, we modify the dispatch. So you got an extra engine and an extra ladder placed on every structure fire call within the city. No calls went unanswered on Saturday.”

Mayor Mary Ann-Baldwin also commented on the issue.

“I did see the Facebook post on Saturday and checked in with our team. This is what I know from the Chief. I have been told that the information posted is not accurate and been assured that no call will go unanswered in our community. The Chief made some staffing and resource adjustments this morning and has additional engines and ladders available to respond. Also, he indicated shortages were short-term, and they would be at full capacity by 8 pm tonight. I hope you had the opportunity to speak with him. Please see below information.”

Raleigh Mayor, Mary-Ann Baldwin

The department currently has 65 vacancies. If you would like more information on what are the qualifications and how to apply, click here.