RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — When a massive power outage plunged nearly all of Moore County into darkness for days, local businesses did their best to keep their community going.

“We’ve seen a lot of examples of small businesses pitching in, ensuring that people have hot food and warm drinks, and things of that nature,” said Chris Weeks, director of entrepreneurship at Wake Tech.

Weeks added that he isn’t surprised to see those businesses step up during tough times.

“A community mindset is one of the core centerpieces of small business,” Weeks said.

Still, he noted that a lot of responsibility falls on business owners during an emergency.

“You are assuming all the risk as an entrepreneur,” he explained. “You’re kind of responsible for the whole kit and caboodle if you will, whether it be the operations and ultimately taking care of the customers and employees.”

He says business interruption insurance may help cover costs due to lost business, but it’s important to make sure your policy covers power outages like this one. Coverage varies by insurance company and specific policy.

“It gives you an opportunity to primarily pay your employees ” Weeks explained. “It isn’t designed to rebuild your business or anything. It’s really designed to act as a bridge to cover the time that you were closed.”

The power outage – especially at the start of the holiday season- will take a toll on many local businesses, but Weeks says small business owners are usually resilient.

“I think, returning back to business, as usual, as quickly as possible, is the best way to get back from a disruption,” he said.