RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Supreme Court recently updated their calendar, indicating opinions on Roe V. Wade could be released as soon as Monday.

The next two opinion release dates are set to be issued on June 13 and 15. 

As the decision on whether the court will overturn Roe v. Wade looms, tensions in Raleigh continue to be high.

Outside of “A Women’s Choice” center on Saturday in Raleigh, dozens of men and women gathered to share their beliefs on what goes on inside of the building.

“We care about women, and we want them not to go through with the decision,” said a Pro-Life Protestor, Gabe. “We’re here to share life.”

Clinic workers told CBS17 the anti-abortion gatherings have been happening more frequently, since the Supreme Court draft opinion leaked May 2, indicating justices may overturn Roe v. Wade. 

“They’re definitely, I feel like, emboldened by what’s happening even though it’s clearly still legal right now,” said Katie Darrigrand, who works at the clinic.

CBS17 has seen rallies for and against abortion, all over the Triangle in recent weeks. 

In mid-May, “Bans off our Bodies” protestors hit downtown Raleigh streets. 

“It’s sad we have to fight for it at this point. It’s sad that history has to come back and recycle, and we have to fight for these rights again,” Jonah Taranta-Slack told CBS17 crews on May 14. 

On June 7, abortion rights activists asked Raleigh city leaders to establish buffer zones and noise ordinances around abortion clinics, in the wake of increased protests. 

“We have escorts out here to make sure that patients don’t have to endure this alone and unexpectedly,” said Kelsea McLain, “A Women’s Choice” worker. “This is a reality for people across the state.”

According to the Supreme Court’s calendar on their website, opinions could be released in the next week.

Pro-Life protestors believe Roe V Wade should be lifted, to bring the decision-making back to a local level.

“We should have the right to choose at the state level,” said Gabe. “Let people decide how they feel about this very controversial issue.”

The Supreme Court ends their current session on June 27. 

They have 29 total decisions to release before the court’s summer break.