RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Raleigh family reached out to CBS 17 with concerns about their son’s transportation to and from school.

The McAward family said in the last seven-plus weeks of school, a driver has picked up their son three times. 

Gavin is a developmentally delayed pre-schooler at West Lake Elementary School. 

“We sit around and wait and maybe they’ll show up, maybe they won’t,” Gavin’s dad Ryan McAward said.

Ryan said he’s called the school, the district and a company called Student Transportation of America or STA.

STA is one of the vendors Wake County Schools hired to provide transportation for hundreds of special needs students. 

“When he got dropped off the route nobody let us know. Nobody let us know when he got assigned a route, they just showed up at our door one day,” the father said.

Wake County Schools said the problem emerged at the beginning of the school year and involved hundreds of students. 

In the past, STA said a third of their drivers didn’t show up for work. They said they’ve since hired and trained new employees. 

In its latest statement last week, Wake County Schools said parents with problems should contact their school.

“We have received one call back at this point and it was just after you reached out to them,” McAward said.

McAward said he received a call from the principal on Saturday and that they would be looking into it. 

“I just want somebody at the district to be held accountable for this. You know, these students are exceptional students they need that consistently. As working parents we need that consistency,” he said.

Wake County Schools and STA didn’t respond to CBS 17 calls and emails for comment Monday.