Protests against migrant family separation, travel ban planned held Raleigh

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Multiple protests were held in Raleigh Friday morning targeting Trump administration policies regarding migrant family separation and the travel ban.

The first group of activists protesting pushed to get migrant families reunited.

The group says they have more than 10,000 signatures supporting their cause. The activists are not only demanding that children taken from their migrant parents are reunited, but also that family detention ends.

 “The thought that anyone, as a government policy, would take your children away from you is so horrific,” said Susan Horrell, a Durham mom who attended Friday’s rally at the Bicentennial Plaza. “It’s really hard, it’s really emotional to watch.” 

This is one of nine groups across the state and one of more than 300 groups around the country sending a petition to their representatives.


A second protest connected to the administration’s travel ban that was recently upheld by the Supreme Court took place later in the morning.

The protest comes just days after the court’s decision in a 5-4 vote.

The court decided that the travel ban is constitutional, but the group protesting today, Carolina Peace Center, calls the ban shameful and biased.

One local attorney and opponent of the ruling says she’s disappointed, and believes the ban discriminates against Muslims, both abroad and in the U.S.

“Shutting off the borders, putting blanket bans on all visas from those nations just says we don’t care about your problems ,we don’t care about the pain that you’ve gone through– even if we contributed to causing it– and we don’t want you here,” said Taiyyaba Qureshi, of Apex.

The group’s website says “The Trump administration’s travel ban was never about keeping America safe,” adding that “America loses when we become divided by religion, race, national origin or sexual orientation.”

The president’s executive order bars nationals of seven countries from entering the United States. Five of those countries are majority Muslim.

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