CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — The World Championship of 7v7 soccer took an unexpected turn Thursday night with a game suspension and an investigation.

At 8:19 p.m., The Soccer Tournament put out a Tweet to explain why the game between West Ham United and Dallas United came to an abrupt stop.

According to that Tweet, the game was suspended “pending an investigation into allegations of use or intent to use a racial slur.”

TST also emphasized it has zero tolerance policy towards racial abuse, and take these allegations very seriously.

“After speaking with players and coaches from both teams, officials, and consulting audio from our production team, TST will issue the results of its investigation,” the Tweet also said.

No information from that investigation has made it clear what team the alleged slurs came from.

However, Dallas United has announced they would no longer be playing in the remainder of the tournament.

West Ham player Anton Ferdinand was the object of the slur.

“There was a racial slur. I don’t need to get into to the nuts and bolts of what was said but what was said was enough for the action to be what it was.

“The topic of conversation that was laid bare yesterday is bigger than football,” Ferdinand said.

Just after 8:30 p.m., a Tweet was published, saying:

“In light of the shadow cast by an opposing player’s accusation during tonight’s match, the Dallas United players unanimously decided to withdraw from the remainder of the competition. Our coaches and staff fully support the team’s decision. We thank @TST7v7 for the opportunity to compete in the tournament.”

At about 11:18 p.m., the Soccer Tournament released the following statement in a Tweet:

After conducting an investigation into the final moments of the match between West Ham United and Dallas United, we have concluded that Dallas United violated TST’s code of conduct. We have been in dialogue with leadership from both clubs and we are all aligned that the best path forward is Dallas United withdrawing from competition. All parties involved are unified in wanting to make a statement against racial insensitivity.

We seek to run an event that is not only fiercely high stakes for all competitors, but also one in which all competitors feel safe and protected.

As a result, tomorrow’s game between Dallas United and Far East United has been canceled.

TST Soccer Tournament

Elizabeth Vermile, one of the soccer fans at the tournament, agreed with the Dallas United club leaving.

“I think it was right if there was a slur like that then definitely, they should’ve been gone. That’s not the way you play,” Vermile said.

Bobbi Balbarino, a soccer coach and father of a youth soccer player agreed.

“It was disappointing, but hopefully it got resolved with them bowing out and let the other players play and enjoy instead of focusing on the negative,” Balbarino said.

Another spectator, Keenan Bader, was asked if he thought the punishment fits the crime.

“I think so. I don’t think anyone should be welcome to play in an event where there is racism involved, so it’s fair,” Bader said.