RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A piece of history recently found in a Mississippi courthouse basement has put new attention on the death of teenager Emmett Till.

That history? An unserved warrant for the arrest of Carolyn Bryant-Donham.

More than one week after an unserved arrest warrant was found regarding the death of Emmett Till, a group of activists gathered in Raleigh to call on the arrest of Carolyn BryantDonham

“She lied. Carolyn lied,” activist and attorney Malik Shabazz said. 

He and dozens of other activists delivered eviction papers to two addresses where they believe Donham could live.

Wednesday, they called on Donham to leave the state of North Carolina and turn herself in.

“She lied on Emmett Till. Her lies and her conspiring with her husband led to the gruesome death of Emmett Till, whose death was a major spark behind the entire civil rights movement,” Shabazz said.



Activists also said Donham’s accusations that Till whistled at her led to his eventual abduction and murder in Mississippi back in 1955.

“Carolyn Bryant-Donham is a fugitive from justice,” Shabazz said. “Carolyn Bryant-Donham has ran and hid and ducked from justice long enough.”

Shabazz told CBS 17 he’s planning to be in Mississippi this week to pressure the LeFlore County District Attorney to enforce the warrant that was never served on Donham.