RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It was a ‘purrfect’ rescue.

A 6-week-old kitten is now safe after a Raleigh auto shop saved the day.

Quality Plus Automotive Service, Inc., located in Raleigh and Wake Forest, shared the story of how the little kitten got stuck in a car.

(Quality Plus Automotive Service)

According to the auto shop, their Raleigh location received a ‘frantic’ call from a woman who stopped to help a a tiny kitten who was alone in the median on Sunnybrook Road.

They said she tried to get the kitten to come to her, however, it got scared and ran into the wheel well of the woman’s car.

“[The kitten] kept right on going, far up into the recesses of her car,” the auto shop explained.

They said the woman called Animal Control, who told her to find help at the nearest auto shop.

The Animal Control officer met the woman at Quality Plus Automotive Service, Inc., where they said one of their technicians, Chris Hayes, assisted in the rescue.

Hayes put the car on a lift and found the kitten close to the catalytic converter, according to the auto shop.

“Chris carefully unbolted and popped off the bottom panel and freed the kitten from her hiding place in the charcoal canister,” they said.

The auto shop said the kitten was unharmed, but was a little scared from her big adventure.

They said she is currently living in a foster home until she is old enough for adoption.