RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Raleigh officials announced Friday afternoon that the city’s bikeshare program was suspended until mid-May.

The program, called Cardinal Bikeshare, was using a vendor — Bewegen Technologies — that filed for bankruptcy in Canadian court and ceased support of the Raleigh fleet, according to a Raleigh news release Friday afternoon.

Since 2018, Bewegen Technologies provided operations and maintenance for all bikes, stations, and system functionality in Raleigh.

Because of the “inconvenience” of the sudden closure of the system, Cardinal Bikeshare will be offering 60 days of free rides to existing members when the system reopens.

Corps Logistics LLC has been chosen as the new vendor, the news release said.

“The change in operations will take up to 30 days to complete,” officials said in the news release. “Beginning May 16, 2023, bikes will become available again unless otherwise stated.”

When the bikeshare system reopens, memberships and passes will remain active, and users will be able to use the system as usual.