RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh city council member is sharing his story of getting COVID-19 while fully vaccinated.

Councilor Jonathan Melton has been recovering for a few days.

“Obviously, I was disappointed. I hoped to not get COVID,” said Jonathan Melton. “I didn’t get it all through 2020 when there was no vaccine. I’ve been vaccinated since March.”

He said someone he plays recreational sports with told him they had tested positive last week.

Melton took two tests after being exposed.

“Both my tests came back positive, so I’ve been isolating at home ever since,” said Melton.

He described his symptoms as mild.

“I’m actually feeling better today than I did yesterday. Each day I’ve gotten better. Like I said it feels like a really bad cold, and that’s been the extent of it,” said Melton. “I think you can probably tell I’ve been dealing with some sinus congestion and that’s really been the extent of it.”

He credits being fully vaccinated for that.

“When I found out I was positive, I was thankful I was vaccinated and didn’t feel as worried about becoming seriously ill or hospitalized because I was vaccinated.”

Melton said his doctor told him his symptoms wouldn’t get any worse because he was vaccinated.

He wanted to share his experience on Twitter as cases keep rising.

“That’s why I wanted to say something. I feel like I can provide an example, right and I want to raise awareness to the issue,” said Melton.

His biggest advice to others right now is to get vaccinated, and if you’re already vaccinated, talk to at least one unvaccinated person about getting their shot.

“It’s not enough to go get vaccinated yourself, I think we all have to do a little bit more to get over this hill, over this hump,” he said.

He has been in quarantine at home and following CDC guidelines.

Breakthrough cases are currently one in 1,000 in North Carolina.