Raleigh couple vacationing in Paris shocked, heartbroken by Notre Dame Cathedral fire

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PARIS (WNCN) – People across the world are devastated by the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, including a Raleigh couple vacationing in Paris. 

As fire tore through Notre Dame Cathedral. It filled the streets of Paris. Michael Herman and Allie Giammaria had just arrived in the city.

“We were standing by the Eiffel Tower and we saw a lot of smoke and heard fire trucks, but we didn’t have access to WiFi so we didn’t know what was happening,” Giammaria said. “At first, we had a lot of fear because we didn’t know exactly what had caused this fire.”

“You are sitting there and you’re wondering if it’s a terrorist attack. You don’t know,” Herman added. 

Like so many others across the world, they could hardly believe it when they learned the Cathedral was burning.

“It’s shocking and I think for a lot of people. Especially people that live in the area, it’s just devastating,” Herman said. “For Catholics as a whole, it’s such a monumental church. Some people go to daily mass every single day and now they’ve kind of lost their second home.”  

Once the fire was out, they tried to see what was left of Notre Dame. They couldn’t see much of the building itself but did see a show of support for the firefighters. 

“They had fire trucks going in to check on the cathedral, and as the fire trucks were leaving you saw all the people applauding them and praying for them,” Giammaria said.

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