RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Some Raleigh dog owners are concerned a local dog park is making their dogs sick.

A concerned dog owner, whose three dogs became sick after visiting Oakwood Dog Park, posted an advisory on the app Nextdoor.

“Our deductive reasoning leads us to believe the water isn’t the best quality for our furry friends,” wrote the dog owner, who did not want to be identified. “Lots of people’s dogs put their feet in the water and wash off tennis balls, leaving that dirty and possibly contaminated water for someone else’s pup to consume.”


Several other dog owners commented on the post, claiming their dogs had recently become ill as well.

Carly Hill says her dog “Franklin” started having stomach issues shortly after she began going to the park in December.

“The dogs all share the big bucket of water so it could be something going around at the park,” said Hill.

Hill says she tried bringing his own water out a few times, but that didn’t really seem to make a difference.

Other dog owners are skeptical with the belief that the dog park is the source of the illness.

Bob Chapman says he goes to the park every day with his black lab “Molly” and the 9-year-old dog has never gotten sick.

“Is it because of something they ate here? Or drank? Possibly, but not very likely I don’t think,” said Champman. “Otherwise my dog I’m sure would have gotten sick many times over and that hasn’t been the case.”

The park is taken care of by neighborhood volunteers. Chapman says those volunteers do a good job keeping the park clean and limiting possible contaminants.