RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — If you meet Jalan Ward you’ll notice he’s wearing the name of his company, The Proud Black Brand.

You will also likely notice a skateboard.

“Skateboarding for me was an attachment. I devoured it. I started studying it, playing the games, started watching TV,” Ward said. “I love it! It gives me a thrill. It lets me step outside of my comfort zone. It lets me think. It helps me with my mental health.”

Ward said he fell in love with skateboarding at a young age.

“It brought so many people together outside of just race. It built a community,” he said.

He’s hoping to achieve the same sense of community at his inaugural event. Sunday, The Proud Black Brand will host Kidz Sk8 Day at Worthdale Community Center in Southeast Raleigh.

“I want kids to see adults jumping ramps, grinding rails, and just doing these cool things so they can get the ohs and ahs. Also, if they want to talk [about] how can I get involved? How can I learn how to skate? Having that comfortable atmosphere,” Ward said.

“So, that’s what I really want to do is push comfortability for these kids and families. If a dad and mom want to get on a skateboard, let’s do it,” he added.

He hopes important conversations will happen at Sunday’s event.

“If the parents really want to talk about how we can have dialogue of just pushing the community forward, but really just figuring out some plans. Really planning and organizing future events,” said Ward.

Kidz Sk8 Day will take place Sunday at Worthdale Community Center in Raleigh from noon to 4 p.m.

Kids who attend will also get a chance to receive free skateboards and customize t-shirts.