RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Families living in the Triangle said they wanted to get prepared and stay ahead of possible storms that may be headed to North Carolina as Hurricane Ian travels north.

On Thursday, businesses like ACE Hardware noticed an uptick in customers coming in to buy emergency supplies like gasoline, flashlights, sand bags and generators.

General Manger Greg Cox, who is the General Manager of ACE Hardware on Semart Drive in Raleigh discussed customers coming in to the store to prepare.

“We’ve actually sold out of our sandbags… People are mainly just preparing for the worst,” said Cox. “Preparing for power outages, flooding, that kind of thing.”

Cox said that their business has been watching Hurricane Ian and anticipated that they would see more shoppers headed their way before the weekend.

He said that they made sure to order emergency supplies that people may need before, during and after possible storms during the weekend.

“When we can, we try to keep an eye on it and we order up because we know that people need it,” said Cox.

Grocery store staff also noticed more shoppers coming through their doors on Thursday. Employees at Weaver Foods Market in Downtown Raleigh said they had a 40 percent spike in sales as people stocked up on groceries.

Customers shopping at other locations said they noticed longer lines.

“They’re seeing it all over social media, everybody is buying a bunch of groceries and think that they’re going to be out of power for a while,” said Yesica Villanueva.

Villanueva and her family said that they had planned to travel to Florida for her birthday weekend, but instead decided to pick up groceries and stay at home.

“We’re just out here to get some snacks, we’re going to watch Pinocchio tonight and relax as a family and watch the storm come through,” she said.

The Villanueva family said that the devastation and destruction in Florida has made people anxious ahead of the storm.

“People without power… I mean it’s devastating. And it came so quickly, too,” said Margot Villanueva.

While the family doesn’t anticipate much more than rain and winds in the Raleigh area during the weekend, they said people wanted to be better safe than sorry.