RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Raleigh is one of three cities in the United States where Uber is testing a new safety feature in their app, according to a news release from the company on Tuesday.

Beginning today, drivers and passengers in Raleigh will be able to record audio during their trips.

Riders will be able to record individual trips and drivers can either choose which trips to record or just record all of them. Before the trip begins, Uber will let the rider know through the app if a driver has chosen to record audio.

“We firmly believe in two-way accountability. This new audio recording safety feature is another tool that will help empower both drivers and riders and give them added peace of mind when they are on a trip,” said Sachin Kasal, vice president of product management, in the release.

Once an audio recording is finished, the file is encrypted and stored on the driver or rider’s phone, the company said. In order to protect the privacy of the rider and driver, no one will be able to listen to the recording – including Uber.

If a safety incident is reported by either party, the audio file can be attached to the report and will then be decrypted by a “trained safety agent” who will review the recording.

“We kept privacy, as well as transparency, top-of-mind when designing this feature,” said Uttara Sivaram, head of privacy and security
public policy.

The audio recording feature launched in Latin America in 2019 and is currently being used in 14 countries, according to Uber.

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