Raleigh man detained at his home last year says he plans to sue police

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A year after police detained him, Kazeem Oyeneyin says he plans on suing the Raleigh Police Department and the four officers involved in the incident.

“What happened to Kazeem Oyeneyin on August 17, 2019, from a moral perspective, was just wrong,” said Desmon Andrade, Oyeneyin’s attorney.

That day, Raleigh police responded to what they thought was a potential break-in call at Oyeneyin’s home. It turned out to be a tripped security alarm.

“As soon as the alarm goes off, he [Oyeneyin] woke up, left his bedroom went down two flights of stairs and disarmed the alarm,” said Andrade.

But Raleigh police said dispatch never canceled the call and officers responded as they normally would.

“When the officer approached Mr. Oyeneyin’s home, he did not observe any indications of forced entry,” said Andrade.

Andrade says police illegally entered Oyeneyin’s home without consent or a search warrant.

Video shows police mistaking Oyeneyin for a possible intruder, putting him in handcuffs, and bringing him outside in nothing but his boxer shorts.

“There could be no lawful explanation as to why he was taken outside and paraded across three police cars and his neighbors and put in the back of a patrol car in handcuffs,” Andrade said.

At the time, the Raleigh Police Department said officers had no way to verfiy Oyeneyin lived at the home or if anyone else was inside the home. But Andrade says they never asked him for identification.

“He was never allowed to present any identification,” Andrade explained. “After that he was never asked again to present identification.”

CBS 17 reached out to the Raleigh Police Department about the lawsuit, but a spokesperson said they do not comment on legal matters.

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