RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Raleigh man says someone broke into his mailbox — the thief didn’t get away with a check or document — instead, the man said someone stole medication.

Derrick Taylor said his partner noticed something was wrong when he left the house Friday.

“When he came out, he found the packaging of the medication in the street,” Taylor said. “So he walked up the street and then down the street, he found it in two separate places, and that’s how we discovered someone had broken into the mailbox.”

The medication that was supposed to be in a yellow envelope was completely gone, Taylor said. He said it happened between Thursday and Friday.

“I was taken back because it’s such a busy street and for someone to go between the time that we’re home and the time that we’re not and we’re constantly in and out and watching things, for them to take it it was a little disheartening,” Taylor said.

After calling the doctor and Walgreens, Taylor said they’ll get a new prescription — but it wasn’t easy.

“We had to go through that process and prove that you know we weren’t selling it, we didn’t distribute it to our neighbors,” he said.

It’s a federal crime to steal mail. Taylor did not report this to police or the postal inspection service.

BBB of Eastern North Carolina Communications Specialist Meredith Radford said almost a quarter of Americans experienced a form of package theft in 2021.

“It’s definitely growing along with the growth of online marketplaces and people relying more and more on package delivery to get products,” Radford said.

Radford recommends requiring a signature on packages, consider a mailbox that has a lock, and pick up your mail right away.

“I know that’s not the most convenient thing, but it’s the best way to ensure that you’re the one that gets the package in your hands as opposed to it just sitting in your mailbox where it’s vulnerable,” Radford said.

It’s a step Taylor takes.

“When we see the mail truck come we make sure that we go out and get it immediately once it’s been delivered,” Taylor said.

The theft was not caught on camera. Radford said while cameras won’t necessarily prevent theft, they can be useful to try and catch who stole mail.