Raleigh man who impersonated general, landed helicopter at SAS speaks out

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Federal agents described what Christian Desgroux did as an elaborate stunt to impress a woman. Desgroux said there’s a more to the story and hopes to clear his name.

“They presumed, and they made it up that, you know, that I was coming in because of President Trump,” Desgroux said.

The incident happened a year ago.

Authorities said the 58-year-old chartered a helicopter and landed on a soccer field at SAS. They said he was there to pick up a female employee. Desgroux doesn’t dispute that. He also admits to wearing a military uniform.

But he said he never told security guards he was taking that employee to Fort Bragg for a classified briefing authorized by President Donald Trump.

“He was afraid of the job; everybody was going to lose their job. My friend was threatened with losing the job if she didn’t say anything. So they make this story up,” Desgroux said.

Desgroux is a native of Chile. He said he served in the military there. He told CBS 17 he was wearing his father’s uniform that day.

“I was wearing my uniform so it did say Desgroux. It did say general and everything because that’s my dad,” Desgroux said.

That female employee told investigators she planned to meet with Desgroux to discuss a design project. She didn’t know he’d show up in a helicopter.

She said they went on a half hour helicopter ride around Raleigh. That employee believed Desgroux was trying to impress her.

“People wanted to talk to the government about me, who I was, and nobody could. They were told not to say anything because of classified information,” Desgroux said.

Desgroux pleaded guilty back in July to one count of pretending to be a military officer. He was sentenced to six months behind bars. 

CBS 17 asked Desgroux why people should believe him after he pleaded guilty.

“Yeah, I was convicted of something like this. Again they could believe me or they don’t. But if you look at the facts there’s no proof,” he said.

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