RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Multiple grassroots Raleigh youth organizations are teaming up to tackle rising crime among teens and children.

Raleigh police data has shown an increase in weapons offenses among minors over the past few years.

The organizers behind non-profits Team Truth 919 and Katch the Kite are teaming up to create a mentorship program for kids and teens in southeast Raleigh.

“I feel it’s time for the men, the men in our community to stand up and to be there for young men,” Katch the Kite founder Scottie Barnes said.

They’re calling it “Teen Talk Tuesdays,” with the goal of giving young men and women critical life skills to resolve conflict, build character and find community.

“Bring the word back. Respect, morals and values back to the forefront,” Team Truth 919 organizer Tyrone Hinton said. “And we’re living in a world where morals and values don’t matter.”

The teen mentorship group is meeting every other week at 6:30 p.m. at the Saint Monica Teen Center next to the Tarboro Road Community Center.

Starting Saturday at the same location, organizers are also creating a new community support group for victims of gun violence and their loved ones.

“We want to create a forum where people can come and they can speak, speak their truth and talk about the things that are holding them back,” Team Truth 919 organizer Tim Prince said. “Hopefully we can lead them in the right direction to do the right thing.”