RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Preparations are underway for the City of Raleigh Museum’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop taking place this weekend. They have plenty of events taking place.

Friday, CBS 17 got a look at the museum’s new exhibit dedicated to African American Musicians, many notably from North Carolina. The exhibit will open this weekend and run until October.

“We often forget just how influential North Carolina is in shaping the music of not only the state, the nation and the world so it’s a great chance for us to celebrate those African Americans who made a difference and sort of defined music for all of us,” said Ernest Dollar, director of the museum.

From J. Cole to Ulysses Hardy and the Blue Notes, the exhibit features panels dedicated to different North Carolina artists and their contributions to music genres.

“We’ve got a street festival all day long, break-dancers, music trucks, old school/new school battle great fun for the family,” said Dollar.

Saturday morning, the museum will also host a panel on hip-hop featuring a number of artists and industry professionals.

One of the speakers is Dasan Ahanu, a hip-hop educator, songwriter, and poet.

“To be able to have this celebration means we can celebrate North Carolina’s contribution to the culture,” said Ahanu. “It also means we can come together and have a good time which is what hip hop is all about.”

The event is free.

Saturday night the museum will also host a sneaker ball. You can find more information here.