RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Summer vacation means a break from school, but many parents still want their children to be active and learn something during the break. 

“People can work together with (this program and for) their families it’s a way to travel through North Carolina when you’re just in one city or (the) capital (of) Raleigh,” Nancy Pennington said, who serves as the youth and family programs coordinator for the North Carolina Museum of History.

This is the first year for the summer passport program and it runs through the end of August.

Families can visit the art, history, or science museums in downtown Raleigh to collect a passport book.

There’s a scavenger hunt at each museum in Raleigh and children will receive a stamp in his or her passport once the hunt is complete.

If children collect all three stamps and turn in the booklet to any of the three museums they will get a free patch. 

“It gets kids and their families immersed in our culture, natural science and history, so during the summer when they have a break from school, there is a fun way to go on learning about our state,” Pennington said.

The program has activities in English and Spanish to help cater to different types of learning. This allows kids to have the chance to activate all their senses and learn about the state’s history while doing so.

Children “can learn in their different learning styles…if they’re good at reading…if they’re good at talking to each other if they’re good at visual learning,” Pennington said. 

Finally, program organizers said they have plans to continue the program in the future, but did not release what they are at this time.