RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Dreamville Festival may be over, but the memories from it will stick around with Samiya Hocutt for the rest of her life.

“It’s really just breathtaking,” she said.

A couple of weeks ago, the Raleigh native and North Carolina A&T State University student said she didn’t think she would make it.

“I started looking at tickets and I was like ah. A little steep,” said Hocutt.

However, the price wasn’t Hocutt’s only obstacle.

“September of 2021 I was in a really bad car accident. Someone ran a red light, and I was hit three times. I was pushed into an electricity pole. So, I spent five days in the hospital. So, I was going to speech therapy. I did physical therapy in the hospital,” explained Hocutt.

She said she had collapsed lung and dealt with PTSD, all while being a college student.

Samiya Hocutt and her boyfriend pose for a photo at the memory-filled festival. Photo courtesy Samiya Hocutt.

The past year was also tough for Dyrek and Jonique Miller.

The couple made plans to go to Dreamville Fest but changed their plans to attend Jonique’s grandmother’s funeral.

Instead of selling the tickets, on which they spent 700 dollars, they decided to pay it forward.

CBS17’s Nick Sturdivant talked to them after they shared their story on social media.

“I know how it feels to have a hard year so we both decided to give it away to someone,” Jonique mentioned.

Hocutt said the post caught the attention of her family.

“So, my mom actually saw the post. So, she basically claimed them on my behalf. I was like oh my God, stop! I was like free? They don’t want any money?” Hocutt said smiling.

It was hard to believe, but the tickets were free of charge.

“It’s just something that you never expect to happen to you. I was extremely fortunate,” said Hocutt.

She said she continues to recover from the accident.

Hocutt was able to go to the festival with her boyfriend. As for the Millers, we were able to get them in contact with the Dreamville team.

The plan is for them to attend the festival next year for free.