RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Raleigh Police still don’t have anyone in custody after a second stabbing near Moore Square on Sunday. 

The victim is still in the hospital. 

It’s the second stabbing in the neighborhood in less than a month.

Police said there’s no danger to the community, and this incident started after a confrontation.

But it’s a scene that’s happening too often in downtown Raleigh. 

“I’m concerned about Raleigh turning into Durham, especially with the crime rate,” said Alexis Wilkerson, who works in the city.

“It’s a little scary. It’s definitely not safe, [in] broad daylight,” added Sarah Curvin, who also works nearby.

Sunday afternoon’s stabbing was the latest act of violence and crime plaguing the city.

People who live and work in downtown shared some experiences and concerns with CBS 17.

“Our office is just beside that bus station. And there’s some people always hanging out there and sometimes some fishy. When it gets dark, and especially in the evening or the nighttime, it’s kind of a shady area. We don’t feel free to have a walk or go out at that time,” said Hassan Muntasia. 

He, and a coworker, explained things were getting so bad, that the company decided to move to a different building several blocks away. 

Local apartment and condo building managers have resorted to sending notices to their tenants, educating them on measures to keep them safe, and urging them to stay on alert.

People told CBS 17 they’re also worried things will escalate when the newly approved ABC Liquor Store opens up on Fayetteville Street.

“I feel like it would really make the crime worse. And you’ll be dealing with more, you know, people on the streets, you know, drunk, just doing little careless things,” said Wilkerson. 

Wilkerson and others have noticed police ramping up their patrols and making themselves more present in the “hot spot” areas.

CBS 17 crews also noticed more officers walking around, driving in the gator vehicles, and on horseback. 

Some people are worried it’s just not enough.

“Police officers serve as a deterrent, you know, just their presence being there. I would hope that it would mitigate, you know, just any sort of bad things from happening,” said Curvin. “But unfortunately, bad people are going to do bad things regardless of what’s around.”

City leaders are in the process of hiring a company to provide private security downtown.

Officials are also adding surveillance cameras and additional lighting.

The next council committee hearing to discuss safety is set for Oct. 24.