RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s an idea Cierra Cobb doesn’t take full credit for.

“My husband actually came up with the idea of a podcast. He is currently incarcerated in North Carolina prison. Unjustly incarcerated,” Cobb explained.

Her husband, Jeffrey Cobb, was convicted of first-degree felony murder in 2015.

As she started working to exonerate her husband, she got inspired to help others. She works with the group, Emancipate NC.

Cobb coordinates the prison and jail support network and advocates for people behind bars and their families.

Recently, with the support of her husband she helped launch the Black Light Mass Incarceration Show podcast.

“[It is a way] to uplift and exploit and to let people know what is really going on inside the system and to just keep people updated on all the things going on and how people are being treated and also to uplift and give them a voice,” Cobb said.

The goal is to bring awareness to things like solitary confinement and hear the stories from people in prison and their families.



Cobb’s husband is not only one of her biggest supporters but also a part of the show as a co-host.

“He’s in there so he’s able to give insight about what’s seeing on a daily basis and what other people are going through in there,” she said,

Right now, it’s a bi-weekly show. For more information on the podcast and the organization behind it, click here.