RALEIGH N.C. – Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson said transparency and training are top priorities in evaluating the use of force.

During a retreat for Raleigh city council members, Patterson released 2022 crime statistics for the city and answered questions from city leaders on Friday.

The presentation is in the wake of the death of Darryl Williams, who died while in Raleigh police custody following the use of a Taser.

It also comes in light of the death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee.

“How are we making sure that the people who are there to preserve and protect us are also exemplifying those same attributes in those same skills?” Raleigh councilmember Christina Jones asked the chief.

Patterson said transparency is number one, her department released a five-day report on Williams’ death. It is also petitioning courts to release body camera footage of the incident.

She also spoke about her policy on using Tasers and the development of the department’s new de-escalation training that everyone on the force will take.

“It is important that we are trying to de-escalate every situation that we can. One of the reasons that I push to have Tasers at this police department, and put them in the field, is because it is a de-escalation tool. It’s a less lethal tool,” Patterson said. “The more that officers know how to utilize those devices, those tools and also focus on de-escalation, the better it is across-the-board it is for everybody.”