RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – More and more Raleigh neighborhoods are looking to lower speed limits and city leaders expect the same or even more speed reductions in 2022.

The default speed is 35 mph on Raleigh roads that don’t have an already posted speed limit.

Raleigh’s transportation department reduced speeds on 128 roads in 2021, eclipsing any year before it.

“A lot of people reach out to lower the speed limit,” said the city’s traffic calming administrator William Shumaker. “We’ve found that 25 mph in most cases, on most neighborhood streets, is a more appropriate speed.”

Shumaker said the city made it easier for neighbors to report safety concerns.

Instead of a physical neighborhood petition, people can go online and request the city consider reducing the speed limit.

Then, if more than 50 percent of the neighborhood responds to the city asking for a slower speed, the request heads on to the city council.

Already this year, the council has approved eight street speed reductions.

Shumaker said the pandemic also played a role in more speed reductions as more people stayed home.

“It was just kind of a perfect storm in a good way where we made the process easier and people became a lot more aware,” Shumaker said.

Former judge Howard Manning Jr. said he welcomes the speed reduction to 25 mph where he lives off Fairview Road in the Five Points neighborhood.

“Coming into Five Points at 35 mph is just asking for trouble,” Manning said.

Aside from speed reductions, the city’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program can put in speed bumps, traffic circles, and other traffic-calming measures in areas where vehicles do not slow down even after a speed reduction.

At a city council meeting Tuesday, Raleigh police chief Estella Patterson said enforcing speed is among her top priorities for the year to reduce vehicle crashes.

Patterson reported the city saw more than 20,300 traffic collisions in 2021, a 14 percent increase from the previous year.