RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Raleigh restaurant has announced it will close after 33 years of serving the community.

Humble Pie made the announcement Sunday evening that they will turn out their lights for good after this week.

On social media, the restaurant said they were, “Thankful for those who shared meaningful life moments by letting us host wedding receptions (and weddings!), birthday fiestas, holiday shindigs and even celebrations of life for departed friends.”

Lastly, they said they were thankful for their staff’s commitment and meaningful relationships built.

Humble Pie was located in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District. Opening in 1989, the restaurant described itself as serving delightful dishes meant to be shared. The space allowed people to eat in the spacious indoor dining room, bar seating or covered outdoor patio.

“This moment is bittersweet but we are focused on the good times shared with staff and regulars as well as the extraordinary opportunity we had to serve you. The buzz of a dining room full of happy diners sharing a meal is a feeling not forgotten,” the business said in an Instagram post.

The post goes on to say a new, local business will be setting their roots at the location in the coming months. Humble Pie said they sincerely hopes the new business would thrive with the same support they’ve been showed.

“We look forward to sitting with y’all on the other side of the bar,” Humble Pie said.