RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Dreamville Fest had a mixed impact on nearby restaurants and bars this weekend.

Some restaurants CBS 17 stopped in on Avent Ferry Road and in the Warehouse District said the festival had no impact on their business, while one restaurant said they were packed with festival-goers. Roughly 40,000 people attended Dix Park both Saturday and Sunday for the festival.

Braxton Edmondson, a bartender at The Ugly Monkey Party Bar, hoped concertgoers would go to the Morgan Street bar when the festival ended Sunday night.

“I’m expecting though that this Sunday we will get quite busy,” Edmondson said.

Edmondson said Dreamville didn’t impact business Saturday, but the night before the festival began he saw a 20 to 25 percent increase in business from a typical Friday.

“Friday night we were very busy, busier than usual, and I figure that’s from people coming in, going to the concert on Saturday,” Edmondson said.

The festival attendees didn’t bring an influx of business to Crank Arm Brewing Company Friday or Saturday, bartender Anna Park said it was mainly people getting one drink before their ride came. She said things picked up Sunday afternoon.

“Today we’ve definitely seen more people from Dreamville coming in just kind of getting some drinks before they go out to the festival,” Park said.

Bryan Rodis came in from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to see Fayetteville’s J. Cole, but stopped on Davie Street before heading to Dix Park.

“We’ve been checking out the local markets, checking out the local restaurants, we just went to the Videri Chocolate Factory. They said that’s one of the best places to get some chocolate,” Rodis said.

The festival generated $3.8 million in visitor spending in 2019, when it was one day instead of two.

“You can definitely tell there’s a lot more people in town for this compared to other concerts that happen around the area, so it’s a pretty heavy impact on the area I feel like,” Edmondson said.