RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)– A popular pop-up soccer pitch will make a return downtown Raleigh on Monday.

A temporary micro-soccer field was installed on Fayetteville Street last summer. The pitch came to the city after a partnership between Raleigh Parks and The Bucy Foundation.

Micro-soccer, or futsal, is a fast-paced version of soccer. It is played on a small, hard surface court with teams of five. Balls are smaller, harder, don’t bounce as much as a traditional soccer ball.

The field will be in place from July 18 through September 6. The city said there will be daily opportunities for daily drop in play, youth and adult league play. They are also working with the Downtown Raleigh Alliance on a downtown business league. 

The Bucy Foundation is partnering with organizations to advance their Free Play Soccer initiative. Their goal is to raise $2.5M over the next two years to build 25 soccer fields by 2025. They hope to place soccer pitches in underserved communities to promote healthy lifestyles.

Permanent micro-soccer fields have now been installed at Peach Road Park and Brentwood Park.