RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As shoppers continue to check off their holiday shopping lists, a new list has been released — citing 70 stores across 38 counties in North Carolina for price-scanner errors and overcharging.

As the second-most fined county in the state for 2022’s third quarter, Wake County had six stores named to the list, including two Walmart locations, a Dollar General, a Target, a Staples, and an Advance Auto.

The Advance Auto at 7201 Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh paid $5,000 in fines after a June inspection found an error rate of a whopping 34.4 percent. The store had failed four previous inspections, but did pass its inspection in August.

Just up the road from Advance Auto, Walmart Supercenter at 6600 Glenwood Ave. also failed its June inspection, paying $2,610 in fines. This store registered at an error rate of 10.33 percent based on 31 overcharges in a batch of 300 items.

Other Wake County locations and fines included these four stores in Cary:

  • Dollar General at 832 E. Chatham St. in Cary — Fined $3,165
  • Staples at 220 Grande Heights Drive in Cary — Fined $2,700
  • Target at 2021 Walnut St. in Cary — Fined $2,490
  • Walmart Neighborhood Store at 2750 N.C. 55 in Cary — Fined $3,640 (The store has since passed inspection in October.)

The county fined the heaviest in the state was Mecklenburg with nine stores facing fines.

The list, released by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Standards Division, showed a “significant increase in stores with price scanner errors,” according to the department’s announcement on Friday.

When CBS 17 reported on the same list in February this year, only 22 stores were fined for price-scanner errors.

These errors, the department said, are happening as many stores are continuing to face staffing shortages. Nevertheless, these overcharges are costing customers extra and at a time where money might be especially tight — the holiday season.

“During the holidays especially every penny counts, and we want consumers to pay attention during check out,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “Over the last year we have seen about 26 percent of price scanner inspections fail.”

Troxler said it is always a good practice for consumers to check their receipts, as well as, the price on the shelf to make sure that they are paying the correct amount and alert managers if they are not correct.

Consumers who would like to file a complaint about scanner errors they encounter, can call the Standards Division at 984-236-4750.