RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The summer travel season is heating up. 

Travelers who head through Raleigh-Durham International Airport will now get two extra opportunities to hit the skies and head out of town.

The airport’s new round trip-nonstop flight to London returned on Friday afternoon.

People can also head directly to Paris starting Aug. 1.

But like other flight plans right now, the costs for these trips will be quite high. 

“It’s been pretty expensive. I’m only here for three days. It was $300 round trip,” said Keila Casalas, who came into town from New York.

“It was several hundred dollars for round trip, per person,” said Amanda Bernardina, who was heading with her family to Birmingham, AL. 

From city to city, the price people are paying to head out of town through RDU is through the roof. 

Rising fuel costs are a concern, as are the constant staffing issues. 

“It was a 45-minute wait. We had to wait for a flight attendant, her connecting flight was running late too, so we couldn’t board until she got there,” added Casalas. “Flights are so expensive and everyone is flying at the same time.”

The demand is high. 

Fares have jumped about 50% compared to last year.

A new report shows people are booking trips, both domestic and international, at a rate not seen since before the pandemic.

“I think a lot of people are finally starting to go out and about again,” added Bernardina. 

RDU officials have helped fuel the travel bugs, by bringing in non-stop flights to London and Paris. 

“I’d love to go, but probably not in my future for a while,” said Bernardina. 

The high price tag attached to the itineraries, is dissuading some travelers. 

Tickets to London from RDU are averaging $3,000.

To Paris, passengers may have to pay $2,500. 

The cost of a round trip flight to London from RDU.

CBS17 crews spoke with one man at RDU on Friday morning, who had just gotten back from Paris, through a connection.

He’s looking forward to having some non-stop options in the future.

“You always want to have the safest and the quickest route,” said Brynt Feggins.

But he say’s airlines have to get their act together first, for it to be worth it to him.

“I’m here to pick up my luggage, it’s been delayed for two days,” said Feggins. “When I got to Atlanta, they told me my bags didn’t make it.”

Another traveler told CBS17 crews, while she’s not sure if she can afford these non-stop trips to Europe, she hopes this means there will be more opportunities to head internationally, in a more efficient way.