RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Hundreds of flights across the United States were canceled Thursday and Friday.

Many of those flights were in the Triangle at the Raleigh Durham International Airport. Some fights were canceled due to bad weather and others were because of staffing shortages.

CBS 17 spoke to a few families at RDU Airport who aren’t too happy about their cancelations.

This weekend is one of the busiest for a lot of people, as they are catching flights and or driving long distances to celebrate Fathers Day weekend. Nationwide more than 18,000 flights were delayed and 3,500 flights were canceled.

Just at RDU, there were more than 30 delays and more than 33 cancellations according to Flightaware.

Antonie De Martin said he was visiting Raleigh on a business trip and planned to return home to France — for his surprise party.

“When I was trying to check in they told me that my first flight got canceled so I can’t fly back to France tonight. My kids prepared a surprise so I’ll get the surprise on Monday I guess — if I’m in France on Monday,” he said.

Ala Alshobaki said she and her family missed their flight with American Airlines because of what they were told were “staffing issues.”

“We woke up at like 6:30 and so we weren’t late — we were early. It shouldn’t take like four hours or three hours to get through this line or get your baggage checked,” Alshobaki said.

Some of the airlines blamed the weather for many of their cancellations.

Alshobaki said she and her family were planning to go overseas for seven weeks to visit family for the summer.

“They’re mad and my dad’s furious because he had to come off work and come here and pick us up. Now our bags, we’re trying to re-route our baggage. We had to call American Airlines phone number to get us re-routed — it was like a whole mess,” she said.

A similar situation impacted air travelers last month during the Memorial Day weekend. Analysts also blamed the cancellations on the weather, staffing issues and airlines overbooking flights.