RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Democrat Deborah Ross has represented Wake County in both the state legislature and Congress for more than 14 years.

She has no intention of that changing and plans to run for a third term in the U.S House.

“And I know Wake County inside and out and have been its greatest champion, and I am running for that seat,” said Ross.

This comes after Republican state lawmakers, who have the majority in the General Assembly, split Wake into three congressional districts.

By contrast, the current two districts were part of a statewide map that was redrawn by court order after the GOP’s last attempt at redistricting.

A bipartisan group of special masters drew the current lines.

“And it was a fair map. We ended up with 7-7 delegation, which represents the purple nature of North Carolina. We are not a bright blue or a bright red state,” said Ross.

Ross, who represents District 2, is one of only a few incumbent Democrats who remain in a district that’s considered a sure win for her party. Whether it’s for the U.S. House or the state House and Senate, she worries about the confusion redistricting creates for North Carolinians, regardless of which party is drawing the election maps.

“The very first time I ran for the legislature, they changed the lines on my district three times and I was doing door knocking and it turned out that I ended up knocking on doors in an area that didn’t end up being in my district,” Ross said.

People often rely on their congressperson to help with certain issues which can be difficult to navigate when redistricting occurs.

“We want to make sure that we give the best service possible to everybody who is in our district, and we care a tremendous amount about all of Wake County. When you start to chop it up, that’s just not good for the people, it’s bad. We help them get their Social Security checks, get their passports, make sure that they have their VA benefits. They should know that they can go to their trusted member of Congress every single time and get the services they need,” said Ross.