RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – More affordable housing is coming to Wake County. Rep. Deborah Ross helped bring $2 million in federal funds for a new housing project in Raleigh.

The site for the new community will be on Michael J Smith Lane, in the wooded area between Sungate Boulevard and Sandburg Court, off of Sunnybrook Road.

She told CBS 17 it was important to her to have an affordable housing site located right off of a bus line and near downtown, to make it easier for so many families to get to work.

In Wake County, about 56,000 households bring in less than $39,000 a year, making it difficult to find an affordable place to live.

CASA’s King’s Ridge will be a community for over 100 families in the area.

It’s a $20 million project.

About 10 percent of the funds are coming from President Joe Biden’s new funding package, which brings a total of over $10 million to the area.

Ross said she wants to focus on housing because it’s such a big issue.

“The cost of housing has been going up, up, up, and people are getting priced out of their own communities. And particularly, people who want to live near public transportation, want to live near where they work, and where their kids can go to school,” she explained. “It is so, so important that we create as many options as we can for our families.”