Residents, business owners split on proposed price increases for Raleigh metered parking

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Mariah Cybator said she often comes down to Raleigh’s Glenwood South neighborhood. 

“I at least come down once a week,” Cybator said.  

She said finding parking sometimes is not easy. 

“Sometimes we walk two or three blocks just to find a spot,” Cybator said. 

She and others are weighing in on parking proposals from Raleigh city officials for the neighborhood. 
The ideas include raising on-street rates by 25 cents, and meter spots not being free until 8 p.m. during the week. 

For Cybator, she’s not for the ideas. 

“You’re already coming to spend money down here,” Cybator said. “You’re spending money at the restaurant or wherever you’re going, and if you’re just visiting friends, you shouldn’t have to spend money to visit friends.”

City officials and those with the Downtown Raleigh Alliance are creating a conversation with people about the ideas.  

“That’s why we’re having meetings, so we get that feedback,” Downtown Raleigh Alliance President and CEO Bill King said. 

City officials hope to make parking a better experience. 

“The on-street spaces are priced lower than off-street spaces, so what happens there is that it’s cheaper to stay on street than off street, but on-street spaces really ought to be more valuable because of the access,” King said. “So, you really ought to have them priced where those are slightly more, and off-street spaces are slightly less, which also encourages people who want to stay longer to go onto the deck. And then access there on the curbside is created through that turnover.”

Downtown business owner Kim Hammer said she’s for the idea of raising on-street rates.

“I don’t think that it’s asking too much to get us sort of in the same competitive rate as similar cities,” she said. 

King said the Downtown Raleigh Alliance will offer a way for residents to provide feedback online through their website.  

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