MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Vacation or travel plans could get more expensive if travelers to Raleigh-Durham International Airport don’t pre-book parking spots online.

Drive-up prices have gone up for each of the three parking lots.

The Economy 4 Lot is still closed to visitors, but airport officials are monitoring capacity levels to determine if the lot should re-open.

It’s now $17 a day to park at the Central Garage.

It’s $25 a day at the Premiere lot.

The Economy 3 lot is $11 a day.

“We want to know what $17 paid for,” said Nate Williams.

Williams and his wife Priscilla assumed when they spent $135 to park their car at the Central Garage before heading to Hawaii, their car would be watched over.

They were surprised to learn that may not have been the case.

“Aren’t there security cameras? Aren’t there security people?” asked Williams.

“At least is there someone strolling around this place to make sure no one’s car is broken into or vandalized or damaged?” asked his wife.

In September 2021, there was an attempted carjacking at RDU.

Airport police had issues with the investigation because there was no video of the incident or the suspect.

CBS 17 asked airport officials if anything has changed since then.

Airport staff sent this statement: “There are many layers of security in the parking deck, some seen and some unseen, but in the interest of protecting airport security we do not comment on the specific measures we have in place.”

CBS 17 crews did not see any cameras in the Central garage on Monday.

“That’s a problem,” said Allyson Little, who was traveling to Tampa. “I haven’t looked at the [parking] tag. Does it say they are not responsible if someone should break into my car?”

The ticket directs travelers to the airport parking’s “Terms and Conditions” website.

The website indicates the airport is not liable for any damage to property or loss.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Little.

With the price increase, adding to the high cost of flights and travel, some people told CBS 17, it may not be worth it to park on-site anymore.

“I don’t like the prices,” said Irene Haslup, who was picking up her husband at the airport. “I’ll be going to Europe [soon] and I’ll be leaving the car at home and Uber-ing.”

People can still pre-book parking on the airport website. By booking ahead of time, passengers can save an average of $2 a day.

RDU officials told CBS 17 that the money from the increased prices helps fund the $4 billion Vision 2040 Master Plan, and helps with construction costs, road improvement projects, and eventually a new main runway.