WENDELL, N.C. (WNCN) — The State Bureau of Investigations is looking into allegations of sexual assault at a Wendell daycare.

Police told CBS 17 that three families claim their 3-year-old children were sexually assaulted by a worker at the ABC Land on Raymond Drive in Wendell.

Police added that all of the complaints are against one employee. The employee has not been named or charged at this time.

The first report came in on Jan. 4th. Another family came in and filed their complaint later that same day.

The third report was filed on Wednesday.

One of the reports claims the incident was an aggravated sexual assault. The other two indicate “non-aggravated.”

One mom, whose son goes to a different ABC Land facility, only learned about the allegations from CBS 17.

She didn’t want to go on camera, but said she’s concerned, since staff and administrators work at both locations.

“I always tell him no one is allowed to touch any part of your body. Not a student, not a teacher, no one,” the mom said.

CBS 17 crews dug into the center’s inspection reports.

On Dec. 5, there was an unannounced visit from North Carolina Health and Human Services.

There were five violations noted against the five-star facility, but nothing seemingly connected to the current investigation.

The inspectors found a new staff member “who had contact with children, did not receive at least 16 hours of orientation within the first six weeks.”

The inspection also reported a new employee “did not complete, within the first two weeks of employment, six hours of training in required topic areas.”

The report indicates the facility’s director did send proof they corrected these violations, just three days later.

But, the Wendell mother is still worried.

“Parents should be feeling secure where [their kids] are at,” she told CBS 17.

CBS 17 tried to talk to staff at Wendell’s ABC Land.

A man answered the phone and said he was informed he was advised not to say anything. He then thanked the crews for calling.