RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The search continued on Saturday for the person or people responsible for killing a Wake County Sheriff’s Deputy late Thursday night.

Now, a memorial is set up in Downtown Raleigh to honor the fallen deputy, Ned Byrd. Some law enforcement officers say it’s just another reminder of the dangers they face.

“We sign up to, and we dedicate our lives to serving and protecting, and we don’t sign up to lose it, but we do realize that’s a part of what could happen, it can happen,” Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker said.

Deputy Ned Byrd, 48, was shot and killed in the line of the duty, and it’s unclear what calls he was responding to. Sheriff Gerald Baker says all the training in the world can’t prepare officers for something like this.

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“You’re never prepared for someone who has made their mind up that they’re going to try to harm you when you can’t see it,” he said.

The killing marks just the latest in a number of officer-involved shootings throughout North Carolina in recent weeks.

Since the start of the year, the Gun Violence Archive says 13 officers have been shot in North Carolina. Earlier this month, Wayne County Deputy Sgt. Matthew Fishman was killed while delivering involuntary commitment papers.

Late last month, Sampson County Deputy Caitlin Emanuel was shot while responding to a call for a stolen car.

“Every time we punch in and every time we get out of the car, we’re dealing with the unknown,” Sheriff Baker said.

Now, Sheriff Baker says his department just wants justice for whoever took Deputy Byrd’s life.

“It’s about humanity, it’s about doing the right things, so anyone who has made a decision to harm anyone, including law enforcement, you have to answer for those things,” he said.

No suspect has yet been arrested in the shooting.