RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Thursday is the day when many spend time with family and friends —sharing a big holiday meal, however will you have everything you need for that feast?

While many will take part in holiday gatherings or watching holiday parades or football on TV, Wednesday was the day for a last-minute rush on grocery store items, to get what you need for that holiday feast. 

For grocery stores like LIDL in Raleigh, the last-minute shoppers came in waves. 

Some were there to pick up just an item or two, while others were making sure every tasty treat would be on their table.

Erica Holesova had a cart stuffed to the top with goodies.

“I have friends coming over, so I need to have plenty of food,” she said. 

Sometimes waiting until the last minute isn’t intentional — it’s a necessity.

I was working so unfortunately, I had to go last minute. Luckily they have a lot of stuff I need,” said Dakota Herrerra. 

Nothing goes better with a Thanksgiving meal than fresh bread and rolls and that’s why the LaFarm Bakery in Cary was swamped with customers.

“They wait till the last minute,” said master baker Lionell Vatinet. “We understand that.”

Many of the shoppers at the bakery were looking to just add to their previous Thanksgiving food purchases.  

Rachael Ward had already done her Thanksgiving shopping before stopping by to pick up some fresh bakery items for the feast. 

“I started planning maybe a week ago,” she said. “It wasn’t that long — so it wasn’t too bad.”

And no Thanksgiving meal is complete without dessert, which brought lots of customers to Annelore’s German Bakery in Cary. 

This year most of the customers are super organized—they are not in a panic,” said co-owner Annelore Gstattenbauer. 

It’s estimated the cost of a Thanksgiving meal will be about 14 percent higher than last year. 

For many, the price is worth it to spend the first Thanksgiving in several years to not be overshadowed by COVID limiting the gatherings.