RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Two Raleigh fire stations were short-staffed on Saturday, causing them to pull engines out of service for eight hours. 

Raleigh Fire Chief Herbert Griffin told CBS 17 the community was never in danger as the department had backup plans in place to make sure every station was equipped with what it needed to put out a fire. 

But the short staffing in the department is also quite costly. 

“Currently we have 65 vacancies,” Griffin said.

Dozens of firefighters are needed, and fast, he said.

Recruitment efforts are picking up.

“We have a recruiting class graduating this fall,” Griffin said. “And starting in September, we’re going to have lateral transfers.” 

But the shortage is creating problems across the city.

On Saturday, for eight hours, both Station 1 and Station 14 had to remove engines out of service. 

Officials said the overtime callback list was exhausted.

“You’re going to have shortcomings due to unscheduled leave and people calling out,” Griffin said. “You modify the dispatch to give you additional resources to every call.”

It’s not uncommon, but it is expensive. 

From June 2021-22, the Raleigh Fire Department spent $3,751,906. They had only budgeted overtime costs to be $770,036.

From 2020-21, the fire department spent about $2.2 million on overtime. 

Officials added more money to overtime costs in the new fiscal budget that began July 1.

They now are budgeting $1,055,036 for overtime. 

The Raleigh Fire Department is not the only department struggling with staffing. 

Raleigh-Wake 911 officials told CBS 17 it is currently in need of 35 dispatchers. 

Wake County EMS leaders said they are down 12 paramedics and a representative added that it has 60 providers in a session right now. If they all graduate, they will hit the streets mid-August.