RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The man accused of using an AK 47 to shoot a Wake County deputy appeared in court Thursday as the deputy underwent a second surgery.

Sgt. Ronald Waller was shot twice and remains at WakeMed. Waller’s sister, Yvette Wood, said he’s doing better.

“Just a really good person,” Wood said.

Wood is up in New York. She said it’s hard to be so far away from her brother. Waller was shot Wednesday morning as he served eviction papers in Raleigh.

“He was shot in his hip and in his leg. Everything is going well,” Wood said.

Waller has served as a Wake County sheriff’s deputy for 20 years. He was in the military prior to that.

Wood said Waller’s wife and teenage son remain at his bedside. She’s also incredibly grateful to his law enforcement family.

“Clearly, they care about each other, and clearly every effort was made to help him to get him help right away, which obviously as a family member you appreciate that,” Wood said.

The shooting happened Wednesday at the River Birch at Town Center Apartments off Old Wake Forest Road. Bullet holes are visible in the door. Sheriff Gerald Baker said his deputies knocked and there was no response. The door opened and they identified themselves. That’s when investigators said the suspect, Eddie Craig, 32, tried to close the door and started shooting with his AK-47.

“It causes a lot more damage than you initially see just at the skin level,” said Dr. Suresh Agarwal, the Chief of Trauma at Duke.

While we don’t know the specifics of Waller’s injuries, bullets coming from assault rifles carry with them a lot of force.

“One of the big things you have to worry about is large blood vessels that may bleed out or have a lot of tissue loss,” Agarwal said.