CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — More than $2 billion has been invested in recent projects in Cary.

With businesses and people relocating there, leaders told CBS 17 things will continue to grow.

“The sky’s the limit with opportunities,” said Mark Lawson, the president of Cary’s Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development.

When CBS 17 crews walked and drove around Cary on Monday, they sensed change was coming.

It’s everywhere.

“I see a tremendous amount of growth in downtown,” added Lawson. “A rebirth of the continued success.”

The new eight-acre park on Academy Street is still under construction.

Once it’s done, it’ll have a dog park and bar, a market, an events pavilion, and more.

Lawson told CBS17 the project is about 40 percent complete.

“It’s already created so much excitement, you can see the development that’s spurred around it,” he said.

He added that at least 12 new businesses have opened up in preparation for the summer 2023 unveiling.

“And then two miles away, you have the Fenton, which is almost a billion-dollar development,” said Lawson.

CBS 17 crews got a sneak peek at the construction of the 69-acre complex, including the 22,000 square foot sports bar, a hotel, stores, restaurants, apartments, and offices.

Officials say 90 percent of the space is already leased out.

The 357 apartments will begin pre-leasing soon and available in July.

The first phase of the Fenton is set to open April 1.

“I think people just realized how much of a gem Cary is and everyone wants to be a part of it from the business side,” said Lawson. “We’re really just scratching the surface. When you look at the next two (or) three years, it’s going to be an incredible transformation.”

It’s a transformation that some local business owners have already started to see.

Sandra Reynolds told CBS 17 more customers have been popping into her shop, Peak Olive Oil.

“It’s vibrant. People are walking around,” she said. “In the last two years, I’ve noticed it more.”

Reynolds is looking forward to the future and the success she hopes the projects bring to Cary.



“It opens up the door. It’s nice to have new blood, so to speak,” she explained. “Cary’s very charming, but it’s time for the development. It’s time for things to be upscaled.”

Before the new developments broke ground, town leaders told CBS 17 they were seeing about a 3 percent population growth rate before the pandemic.

They expect those numbers have gone up. At last count, nearly 180,000 people live in Cary.