RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Wake County Sheriff’s Office, jiu-jitsu community, and countless close friends all have a void left by the killing of Wake County Sheriff K-9 Deputy Ned Byrd.

And at Lola’s Beach Bar and Restaurant a big part of the establishment is missing. Owner Larry Carter works to fill the void left behind by someone who was far more than a loyal customer.

“He was he was a big part of the Lola’s clientele, as, you know, as much as a part of the place itself,” Carter said.

There’s a memorial of flowers and photos set up at the bar for the one year anniversary of Byrd’s passing. Everday, however, Carter makes sure Byrd is still a presence at the bar.

“He was just a wonderful person and there are not many like him,” Carter said.

He always sat in the same stool. Now it’s painted in his honor with his name on it, K-9 Sasha, and his badge number. The stool was blocked off for the anniversary, but Carter said usually people are allowed to sit on it.

Deputy Ned Byrd’s stool at Lola’s Beach Bar and Restaurant. (CBS 17)

On the wall is a painting of a flag with a thin blue line, and after Byrd’s funeral Carter glued on coins from different police departments. There’s also a photo of K-9 Sasha staring at Deputy Byrd’s beer.

Carter said Byrd would always come and order the same thing, a macho burrito and Dos Equis Ambar without lime.

Byrd didn’t just come for a good meal, Carter said the two were close friends for about 17 years, meeting through jiu-jitsu.

“One of the greatest friends I’ve ever known, a completely selfless guy,” Carter said.

A selflessness known by all employees, keeping his phone number behind the bar so they could call him if something went wrong. That number is still there.

Feet away hangs a portrait of the deputy’s funeral procession passing by the bar he loved.

“I guess as time goes on, it gets easier to accept, but I don’t really think it ever gets easier,” Carter said.