Snowy forecast brings mixed reviews for Raleigh residents

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Whenever we hear snow might be on its way, people have mixed reviews.​

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“I like it though but I just don’t want a whole lot of snow,” said Trevesis Foster​​.

“Cha-ching​,” said Evelyn Davis, owner of Briggs Hardware in downtown Raleigh. 

That’s what first comes to mind when she hears the word “snow.”

But Thursday’s forecast came as a surprise. ​​

“No, I’m not prepared at all because we didn’t see this coming. Sure, right it’s 60 degrees. It’s not going to snow next week​​,” said Davis. 

She didn’t stock up on the usual snow supplies because she felt the forecast didn’t call for it, but she does have plenty of sleds and other useful tools.  ​​

“In the past, it’s been sleds. It will always be sleds forever but downtown specifically it’s ice melt. We have all these concrete sidewalks here and it’s important to keep people safe​​,” said Davis. 

Safety is on everyone’s mind as they commute to work but Trevesis Foster says he doesn’t plan on changing his everyday routine for this forecast. ​​

“[I’ll] take my chances, I don’t think it’s supposed to be bad,” said Foster. ​​

“I think all of Raleigh is going to be shorted if a good, significant sledding amount comes”, said Davis. 

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