RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Many people were out shopping this holiday weekend, but plumbers in the Triangle area are keeping busy another way. Some say this is the busiest weekend of the year for them following the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We ran probably about 50 or 60 calls yesterday, and we already have 30 calls that have either been run or are going to get run today,” Michael & Son Plumbing’s Jason Litvak said on Saturday.

That means more staff on duty, too.

“Unlike a normal weekend where we have four, five guys out, this weekend we have 11, 12 guys,” Litvak said.

He says that’s because with family and friend gatherings, plumbing systems are put to the test.

“When you have a lot of people over for a holiday like this, you’re really straining your plumbing system, because normally you have maybe three to five people living in the house, now suddenly you have 15-20 people, you’re cooking, you’re putting things that you shouldn’t be putting down the,” he said.

He says even the littlest guests stopping by for Thanksgiving dinner can wreak havoc when they mistake the bathroom for a playroom.

“Unfortunately, you wouldn’t believe what we pull out of toilets, toys, cars, trucks, dolls, you name it, we’ve probably pulled it out,” Litvak said.

But with the Thanksgiving turkey cooked and the kitchen clearing out, the dangers for your plumbing system aren’t over.

“Now it’s kind of, we get tired of our leftovers, so be careful of what you’re putting down your drain, water is supposed to be going down your drain,” Litvak said.

He says to be especially mindful of grease or food peelings and to keep the number of your plumber on hand.